Latin America’s premiere hotspot. The adult playground of South america.



  • Beach Apartments
  • All inclusive beach resort

VIP Nightlife Circuits

  • Highrise rooftop bar hop​
  • Historic District Clubs – tables & VIP

Private Yacht Charter

  • All Inclusive Yacht Party

Daytime Activities

  • City Tour
  • Totumo Volcano
  • Carribean Snorkelling
  • Helicopter Charter
  • Happy Hour Drinking Tours

Cartagena has become infamous for the anything goes attitude, fueled by high rise nightclubs, yacht parties, and pampering of the first class. If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway then Cartagena has it all. Bounce around rooftop clubs of the 51nd floor or the colonial walled city with VIP access and bottle service. Hit the waters during the day, throwing an unforgettable yacht party your group won’t soon forget. By night, dine well in one of Cartagena´s top international restaurants with cuisine for all tastes. Do all of this while you lodge at the Best location villa in old city.

Cartagena Wild is about providing you the ultimate experience in this tropical metropolis. We are your personal concierge to get you anything you want while in Cartagena. We offer a number of accommodation options, daytime & nightlife activities.

Historic District Mansions

Welcome to Casco Viejo, the colonial historic district of Cartagena. Founded in 1533, this neighborhood has experienced a new revitalization within the last 20 years giving rise to some beautifully restored homes, international restaurants, and nightlife hotspots. Becoming known more and more as the nightlife district you’ll find numerous clubs and bars on nearly all street corners in Casco Viejo. For groups, these villas are the perfect option.

House Art

Address: San Diego, Carbonera Street, 7 rooms, 8.5 bathrooms, 5 king beds, 2 queen…

Bahama House

Rent of House located in the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias. Fully…

Historic Downtown

Spectacular House located in the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias, the house has…


When you book your VIP nightlife services through Cartagena Wild you aren’t just tapping into a wealth of local knowledge, you gain access into one of the most prestigious and exclusive social circles in Cartagena. This means you and your crew will receive only the highest level of service, unlimited access to the VIP sections of every bar and club in town. Our hosts know the nightlife scene better than anyone and are connected everywhere we go. We frequent the most happening spots on the most happening nights, we arrive in style and at precisely the right time.

Within this package we provide 2x nights of VIP chofer and host service to give you the keys to the city nightlife. For all of our VIP Nightlife services, we include at least one personal concierge to take care of all of your group’s needs. We offer several transportation options to suit different group sizes and budgets. All entrance fees are included, you have guaranteed access to VIP tables and sections, and you will never go thirsty between nightlife hotspots thanks to the bottomless cooler of beer or alternative drink included in every vehicle we operate.


All Night – til the clubs close

Your personal fixer to get you through the doors straight to VIP. Hooking up anything you need and helping out.

Flat Rate / Per night:



10:00 pm – 4:00 am 

Host service + private chauffeur all night long to take you around the city + unlimited cold beer in vehicle.

Suburban / Mercedes Sprinter:



2.5 hours 

With capacity for up to 50 jump aboard with DJ, A/C, bathroom, full open bar and lazer show. End up at club or bar.

From (20pax min) / Per person


Welcome to the DAY - Unlimited Fun & Options

Sometimes the days are just as important as the nights while on vacation, and what better way to get to know the other side of Cartagena. We offer a number of different activities to choose from, ranging from No Exertion to High Action options.

You pick and choose what you’re interested in and don’t worry about start and end times- we go at your pace, so if you’re feeling the night before – don’t stress.

San Felipe de Barajas Castle

Prepare for a fun History Lesson! Erected on San Lazaro Hill, still remains the Impenetrable…

Boat Party Cholon Island Tour

Let Cartagena Wild take you to the best Yacht parties in Cholon, and the most exquisite seafood, you won’t regret. Merely…

Enter The Kitesurfing

Learn one of the coolest water sports in the world, right here in Cartagena. Only a couple hours with the best instructors, and…

Scuba Diving: The Rosario Islands

Just a one-hour boat ride, is what separates you from one the best dive sites in Cartagena…

Historic Rum Tasting & Cigars

As the day blends into night, what better way to welcome it…

Playa Blanca Tour

Playa Blanca, in Barú Island, is considered by locals and tourists the most charming beach in Cartagena…

Totumo Volcan Tour

Enjoy a unique activity and live an unforgettable experience in Cartagena. In this..

Massage Therapy Session

The best way to quickly recover and stay energetic on the…

All inclusive Cartagena Wild Yacht Party

We offer an all inclusive yacht party experience that is second to none in Cartagena. Setting up your group with the perfect yacht or catamaran depending on your group size and budget. We stock the boat for an open bar party consisting of either standard liquors including vodka, Ron, national beers, and mixers OR we go premium in which you tell us your preferences and we stock it with liquors such as Grey Goose, Patron, Johnnie Walker- you name it.​

Group transport is included and all marina fees or loading fees. When we say all inclusive, we mean everything is taken care of. We’ll also provide a VIP host who can take care of any party favors or extras for the boat party.


Round trip private transport between the marina and your hotel.


Liquor package including more than you can drink: rum, vodka, beer, mixers.


Fully licensed and trained captain and crew. A VIP host to accompany the group.


Marina fees, Loading fees, & Fuel costs all included.

Cartagena Wild Extras

Don’t wait in lines, don’t worry about reservations. Need more bottles or local insight for everything your bachelor party needs, we got you covered.

Talk about extras, we can arrange it so you don’t have to wait in immigration or customs lines when you arrive to the airport. Feeling hungover after a full night? We can have a nurse come to your place and provide IV rehydration services. Want to try you luck at the cockfights? We can have it privately arranged at anytime. We are here for any request you may have – name it and we will try 100% to make it happen.

Day 1

VIP Nightlife

Arrive to Cartagena – we pick you up at the airport in style with a cooler full of ice cold Colombian beers or alternative drink of choice. Your host/fixer for the weekend will meet you as you exit customs with a Cartagena Wild sign with your name on it. With a drink in hand, you’ll head past downtown to your Villa. Your host will also be able to help give your group a brief introduction to Cartagena and help out with any extra-curricular needs.

Depending on the size of your group and whether or not you arrive at the same time we will use either our blacked out SUVs, HiAce buses with space up to 10pax, or our Coaster buses with space up to 16pax.

Day 2

Daytime Activity of Choice

VIP Nightlife

Your choice of activity (PICK ONE)– all including a full cooler in transit. Too hungover and just want to chill by the pool, no problem – we start the tours when you’re ready to go. These are customized to your group with flexible start times.

At night, we continue providing you the transport and host service to go where you want to go with support to not pay covers, not wait in lines, and hook it up at each turn. With your private transport service the city is your oyster.

Day 3

Yacht Party


Go big and throw an epic yacht party including a VIP host, open bar, snacks, and all the equipment. Spend the day on the water and head out to the backside of a nearby island just 30 min off the coast from downtown. We set your group up with one of our many party yachts where anything goes – what happens at sea, stays at sea. Considered the pinnacle of the trip.

Day 4

Chill, Relax, and Departure


For your final day, chill out at the resort and hit the beach one last time. We’ll pick your group up from the resort approximately 2.5 – 3 hours before your flight and take you to the airport.

Interested to stay more days, just let us know and we can arrange it.

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