Cartagena Wild Excursions

Whether you plan to be up all night or make the most of your days, allow us to show you the best that Cartagena has to offer. We understand this city better than most and our objective is to ensure that you make the most of your trip and don’t waste any of your precious time here.

Electric Bike Tour

Touring Cartagena de Indias by bicycle or electric motorcycle is the best way to visit the city. With this guided tour in English you will discover the main places of the most important port in Colombia.

Playa Blanca Tour

Playa Blanca, in Barú Island, is considered by locals and tourists the most charming beach in Cartagena. Only takes 40 minutes by boat or by car from Cartagena to get to this Caribbean paradise. Spend a great time with your friends in Playa Blanca, the color of the water will exceed your expectation and the white and fine sand will be the ideal setting for a challenging volleyball or soccer match in paradise.

We will pick you up at your stay to take you to the dock where your are going to sail towards the Barú island. In a panoramic sea tour, you will see several tourist sites of the bay of Cartagena while a bilingual guide will describe the places and tell stories until the island of Barú is reached to disembark at the beautiful Playa Blanca. Umbrellas, use of bathrooms, water, refreshing drinks, fresh fruits, and a Caribbean lunch are included in this Playa Blanca tour.

You and your crew should only worry about booking and having a great time!

Deep Sea Fishing - Rosario Islands

Some of the best fishing you could do – we take you from downtown Cartagena City to the archipelago of Rosario Islands. Depending on the size of your group and budget we will hook you up with one of our top fishing vessels and pro crews. Depending on the vessel it will take between 1 hour 20 min – 2 hours 30 min to arrive to the Rosario Islands. Our deep sea fishing charters depart from the marina no later than 8am.

Land Tour Cartagena

Cartagena ATV operates this tour. This is the best land tour in all of Cartagena. The trail takes you to see some amazing sites that can’t be seen in the walled city. Drive on 3 beaches, trails and dirt roads. See some beautiful cliffs and rock formations that can only be seen on Cartagena ATV’s tour.

Stop at our private spot on the beach and relax while the locals cut open a cold coconut for your to drink. Then back on the beach to see what the ATV can do. Adventure, culture and scenery define this tour. We don’t cancel for rain or weather.

Contact us for additional availability for large groups. You can add paintball to your experience to create a full day of fun and adventure in Cartagena

Sunset on Yacht

Get an evening in Cartagena off to a good start with this sunset Yacht. This Yacht allows you to relax, admire views of the coastline, and enjoy quality time together. Sip on beer, wine, or cocktails like rum punch as you watch the sun go down. Unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks are included This evening tour can easily fit into busy itineraries Food will be available to purchase See Cartagena city landmarks from the water

Tour Party Bus

Combine the fun of partying with sightseeing during this party bus tour through Cartagena. Climb aboard your illuminated vehicle and meet other party-goers as you drive around the city. Imbibe on local drinks and see top landmarks including Reloj Tower, the San Felipe de Barajas Castle, and the India Catalina Monument.

Learn about Cartagena’s history and culture Enjoy unlimited local drinks while you drive Hassle-free transfers from your Cartagena hotel Get your night started with a fun party bus tour

San Felipe De Barajas Castle

Prepare for a fun History Lesson! Erected on San Lazaro Hill, still remains the Impenetrable San Felipe Castle, which after many attempts to storm it, it was never taken. It was considered the greatest fort among the Spanish colonies and is now a mandatory visit for almost every traveler coming to Cartagena, Colombia.

Its construction started not so long ago, in 1536. In 1984, UNESCO listed the castle, with the historic center of the city of Cartagena, as a World Heritage Site. Nowadays, visitors can explore the well-preserved castle, a vast tunnel system inside it, and enjoy views of the city from the fort’s perch. A great place for Epic pictures and Napoleonic thoughts

Boat Party Cholon Island Tour

Let Cartagena Wild take you to the best Yacht parties in Cholon, and the most exquisite seafood, you won’t regret. Merely 45 minutes away from Cartagena you will find the Cholon Baru inlet, a magical place, surrounded by beautiful blue and turquoise waters, definitely one of the most requested Cartagena tours. In Cholon, the beach is always inviting, from a peaceful sunbath to a more aggressive day of water sports, including scuba diving, flyboarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, and more.

Cholón also has channels through a mangrove you can cross only for the adventure of it. A few meters away from the cove begins the largest barrier reef in Colombia, you really don’t want to miss it.

Pink Sea - Galerazamba

A natural phenomenon worth seeing when you visit the Volcán del Totumo is the Pink Sea of Galerazamba, in which the sea turns pink. An event you can only enjoy a few months and vary a little between year to year with the summer season (generally between December and March) and then in August and September).

Very close to the Totumo Volcano, also in (Santa Catalina, Bolívar), in the salt flats of Galerazamba occurs this weird phenomenon of the pink sea, which occurs when the sea reaches its highest degree of salinity and becomes suitable for a seaweed called Dunaliella Salina, responsible for the pink color of the sea, which in turn attracts millions of small crustaceans such as the brine shrimp.

While you enjoy the view and take beautiful postcards of the pink sea, you can enjoy on the seashore, refreshing drinks, desserts and local dishes prepared by the native women of the place.

Scuba Diving: The Rosario Islands!

Just a one-hour boat ride, is what separates you from one the best dive sites in Cartagena: The Rosario Islands. You will be taken to over 25 dive spots, carefully selected so you can experience amazing coral reefs, and mysterious wrecks. Scuba diving is very easy, and can be learned in one day! Due to the Rosario Islands location, we are always protected from the wind and with good conditions throughout the year.

Encounter various species of sponges, hard and soft corals, which provide shelter for countless species of fish, lobsters, crabs, starfish and many more. One of the most rewarding experiences to do while in you Bachelor Party in Cartagena, Colombia, no doubt.

Totumo Volcan Tour

Enjoy a unique activity and live an unforgettable experience in Cartagena. In this excursion you will visit the famous Totumo Volcano, and then dive into its mud which contains natural minerals for medicinal purposes especially for the skin, you can enjoy a relaxing massage for your body to better absorb its properties, you can with the help of our guide take your photos if you wish. When you leave the volcano we will take a group photo where you will be sent so you can remember your experience with us and you can keep it. Then you will enjoy a swim in the natural lake near the volcano where you can remove all the mud and continue enjoying your experience.

You will enjoy a typical snack of the region where the culture and traditions of the natives are reflected. From there we will depart back to the city and drop you off at a point near your hotel.

*Pick up at hotel Bocagrande, Castillo, Laguito, Manga, Crespo, North Zone, in the Historic Center we have meeting points.
*Transfer to the mud volcano
*Entrance to the mud volcano
*Typical snack of the region
*All risk insurance

Historic Rum Tasting and Cigars

As the day blends into night, what better way to welcome it than Rum Tasting and Cigars in Cartagena Historic Center. We’ll start off by sampling a selection of the finest rums that Cartagena has to offer, followed by the best mojito in town (we’ve tried them all). Then, with a buzz on and a bounce in our step we will pass through the historic colonial streets and plazas to a Cuban cigar shop where you will find an impressive selection of tobacco in their large walk-in humidor.

Enter The Kitesurfing!

Learn one of the coolest water sports in the world, right here in Cartagena. Only a couple hours with the best instructors, and top-of-the-line equipment and you will be dancing over the waves like a pro in a blink of an eye. What makes this tour so special, is the location. Manzanillo del Mar is a lonely beach about 25 minutes from Cartagena.

Here the wind hits harder than in La Boquilla, and that basically means you will have more pull, more speed, and you will have the sea for you alone to kite & enjoy without obstacles. Kitesurf is Freedom in the sea, Wind, and Adrenaline to the Top. Let Cartagena pull you up with this amazing experience

Massage Therapy Session

The best way to quickly recover and stay energetic on the Cartagena tour and to continue the party day after day or at the end of your Cartagena stag night trip is with a massage therapy session at home that will leave you feeling like new after so much sun, beach, tours, parties, alcohol and debauchery.

Get this Cartagena massage therapy session for your entire squad and achieve the best mental and physical condition during your stay in Colombia and squeeze the most your bachelor party trip.

You will also enjoy green Detox drinks (antioxidants) to purify your blood and body after so much caloric food and liquor, as well as facial masks and skin body treatments to leave your face and skin like new and look more attractive for the party!

Whats´s New?

If your group is looking for true VIP service in Cartagena for your bachelor party with no headaches then Cartagena Wild is the right choice for you. We understand what it means to offer 5 star service to our clientele, specializing in private yacht parties, and VIP transport services. The best thing about us is that we are well connected to the Cartagena scene, knowing all the right people to ensure your group is taken care of in every aspect of your stag party getaway.

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